One thing I’ve learned about living in rural America or small town America, is the meaning of neighbor.

You all know each other. You may become close friends, or just aqaintances. You may visit each others homes, or you may just know where each other live.

But it is for almost certain, that they will know when a crisis hits your home. It is then when close friends and maybe those who are not so close will undoubtably come together to lend a hand. I have seen it time after time.

Fundraisers; auctions, dances, community dinners, all to raise money in a time of need. I’ve seen neighbors bringing dinners, watching children, doing chores, and pitching in to help with the ranch work you might not be able to physically do, which needs done regardless.

I have seen it with others. And we have been on the receiving end of this incredible grace, this thing; this helping hand, this miracle called a neighbor.

Verse by Sheryl Craig Russell

Art work by Terri Routen


The second is this,”You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


4 thoughts on “Neighbor

  1. This is lovely. My sister in law lives in a small Wyoming town and has experienced this same kind of community when her husband had a massive stroke this past weekend. We also received so May blessings from our church family the past year when our lives came crashing down.

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    1. So sorry for your family’s health troubles. But so glad they have a supportive community around them. Like I said in my post we also experienced this first hand when my husband had to have open heart surgery to replace a heart valve and also a double bypass at the same time . Exactly a month later he had to have emergency, gallbladder surgery, which was very tricky with a new heart valve, our community came together with an auction dinner combination that helped us get through the year .

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      1. This is why we’re here. To serve God and help others. I’m glad you were blessed by others in this way too.


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