His Voice Is Over The Waters

I was looking trhough some of my old posts and this one kinda hit me in the face again! I think it is because we are flying to Hawaii this Spring with our kids and grandkids to celebrate our 5oth which was last June. I am not that fond of flying, though I have a few times. And now I will be flying a very long flight, OVER WATER! I think I need to read this and meditate on how His Voice will be right there with me.


1-18-2016-0141-1 The voice of the Lord is over the water Psalm 29 : 3

I’ve always had mixed emotions when it comes to bodies of water.  I love the ocean.  I love the beach.  I love the beauty of the waves rushing over the sand and breaking, then returning to the deep from which they came.  I like to try to follow the receding water back and feel the wet sand between my toes. I like to search for all the treasures those waves deposited on the sand for me.  I love seashells, starfish, and sand dollars.  However, I have no desire to swim out in the ocean.  I have no desire to be in a boat out in the deep so far from land.

I love to sit on a riverbank and watch the water breaking over the rocks, splashing; water drops glistening in the sun, and then rolling on down…

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A Cowboy’s Pard

A Cowboy’s Pard

I was riding ‘cross the desert plain,

headed for the mountain pass,

with a pack-horse loaded down with salt

for the cows in summer grass.

I know most think the cowboy life

is hard as desert sod.

Though true that is, it doesn’t mean

his heart’s so far from God.

I paused a moment on the trail,

sparce with sage and cactus flowers,

watched mule deer drinking from the stream,

all proof of His creative powers.

I started up the sharp incline

as an eagle soared above,

gliding on majestic wings,

a reminder of His grace and love.

I thank the Lord for this cowboy life,

for my horse, my saddle, and dog,

for my humble abode where the home fires burn,

with the help from a quaker log.

This cowboy may be weathered rough,

from years of riding hard,

but I’ve learned One rides beside me,

I bend my knee to the Lord…my Pard.

Sheryl Craig Russell

The pictures are of my husband packing salt, and pushing cows up to summer pasture on the U3 Ranch, Wells, Nevada.You can see the ranch headquarters at the foot of the mountain… the small white speck, surrounded by trees.

Romans 1:20

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities; His eternal power and divine nature; have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”


Sharing this beautiful art and poetry from a fellow blogger. I love it.


In solitude we sometimes find ourselves – we need some time alone,

A quiet place where life stands still – an instant safety zone,

Where waters blue surround us, where peace is everywhere,

Where you can hear the voice of God, in quiet, thoughtful prayer,

He may not give us answers that wewouldlike to hear,

Butin the sweet serenity, He holds usever near,

The beauty of those moments, renew – refresh – restore,

So we can handle all the things the world may have in store,

Within that peaceful time with God, our eyes will never close,

New life is ours when we believe our every need He knows,

Hehas designedwhat’s best for us, He knows our every need

He proved it when He gave to us, His Son to intercede,

Though we may need to sort things out, we never walk alone,

God has a plan for all of us to…

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A Sailor in the Making

I wrote this post back in 2015. Dad passed into heaven September 2022.
I updated a few things on this post and wanted to share it again in his memory.







I love this picture of my dad, Jim Craig.  The back of the photo says he was 2 or 3 years of age.  When I look at that face, I see the face of my Grandma Odessa Craig.  I also see my own face, and that of my son, Dustin, and my granddaughter, Allie.

He’s a handsome little guy in that sailor suit, isn’t he?  I love the tights and little black shoes too.

Time would prove this picture to be prophetic.  Dad served in the Navy during WWII.  He was stationed in Pearl Harbor.  He arrived after the bombings, thanks be to God, but he saw the devastation that was left behind. Just because he was not there during the fighting, doesn’t mean he was out of danger. Dad served on a mine sweeping ship during his time there.

I love these pictures…and the man in them.  Thank…

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The Hat

Linda, a fellow blogger friend from The Task At Hand, recently shared a beatiful poem titled Transition. It was written in the poetic form called an Etheree. I told her she inspired me and I was going to give it a try.

So, here is my first attempt at writing an Etheree.


Hat that

perched on the

head of my dad,

perfectly defined

his work, his heart, his life

on a good horse, trailing cows

from the mountains to desert flats

managing ranches, horses and cows,

a lifestyle, now, almost extinct; the Cowboy.

Sheryl Craig Russell

The picture above is of my dad, Jim Craig, when he was managing the U3 Ranch in Wells, Nevada.

Sweet 16

Grandma Lillie Belle Wells. An old fashioned woman with a heart full of love for her Jesus. I learned so much from her.


IMG_0057 (1) Lillie Belle Wells age 16

I absolutely love this picture of my Grandma Lillie.  I love finding old pictures that show a side of the people I love, that I never knew.  I love her hair.  I love her “big” hat.  I love her slender figure, her feminine outfit, and her bracelet.

This is my Grandma at age 16.  When she was showing me this picture, Granddad said, “Sweet sixteen, and never been kissed!”  He smiled and winked at her, and she blushed.  I loved it.  They were probably in their eighties at the time.

But this is not the Grandma I knew.  When I knew Grandma, she was heavy-set and wore her hair in a bun.  She wore “old lady” dresses, and “old lady” shoes.  They were always black shoes that laced up to her ankles. I don’t ever remember her wearing any jewelry, other than a watch.  And…

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The Lone Wolf

This pictue of The Lone Wolf, by the polish painter Alfred Kowalski, hung in our family home for all of my childhood.

There has always been something about this painting that draws me in. I am not sure if it stirs a sense of safety and peace, because it reminds me of my childhood home, or a longing for the freedom of that wolf. I think maybe it is both. It is a picture of warmth, love, security and companionship. It is also a picture of bitter cold, freedom, loneliness and envy. I think the envy is shared a little from both those perspectives; the struggle for balance in life itself.

This poem was written by my sister, Pat Craig Campbell, when she was still living at home and looking at this painting every day. I think she was in the 7th grade. We lived in Fairfield, ID at the time, where we had such wonderful childhood memories.

I just found the copy of her poem a few days ago. I put it together with the picture and sent her a copy for her birthday.

They belong together, don’t you think?

Beloved, Billy The Kid

Oh Billy! You were a character! Although you could be agravating you brought us a lot of joy and laughter and I find myself missing you.


scenery-old-family-basketball-2016-032-1 Jim Craig, Rosalie and Shirley Hawes, Bruneau, ID

colton-daisy-1 Grandson Colton on Daisy the goat

This first picture is of my dad, Jim Craig, and Rosalie and Shirley Hawes.  The second is of my grandson Colton riding a goat.  I can’t find a picture of the actual goat this story is about.  His name was Billy The Kid.  That was a good name for him because as it turned out he was a little bit of an outlaw!

The following story was published in The Western Ag Reporter several years ago in my column I had with them called Backhome.

Beloved Billy

I can remember the day so clearly when Billy came to live with us.  Our children, Dustin, Holly, and Mindy were 9 ,6, and 3 years of age.  We were visiting my parents.  As we were walking up the steps, in front of all 3 kids, my Dad told me and…

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The Roaring Twenties

I have since been told that this photo of my grandparents was thought to have been taken on their wedding day. That makes this even more special! Love it!



Ed and Odessa Craig   1925

I always loved old movies of the Roaring Twenties.  It looked like such a fun time to live.  I loved the dances, the clothes, the hair.

This picture is of my grandparents, Ed and Odessa Craig.   I love this picture, but it is not how I remember either one of them.  Granddad was a cowboy his whole life.  Grandma was a housewife.  She had a beautiful flower garden, loved crocheting, and always wore dresses.  I never saw her in a dress like this though!  She makes a pretty cute “flapper” doesn’t she?

Granddad loved to dance.  I was told he won a dance contest doing the Charleston.  I wish I could have been there!  I wonder if they were going to a dance when this picture was taken.

It is so fun seeing a glimpse of a “fun and sassy” side of people who always…

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