The Craig & Wells Boys

L-R Uncle Eldred Wells, Dad Jim Craig

Uncle Bob Craig- in front

This is a picture of three men who are very dear to me. This had to be taken close to the time my Mom and Dad were married. Perhaps while they were dating. My Uncle Bob was 10 years younger than my dad. He looks between 10-12 in this picture to me. Uncle Eldred (Curly) looks to be about the same age and is my mom’s youngest brother.

When we lived in California when I was a kid, Uncle Bob and Uncle Curly, both lived within a mile of us for awhile.

It was nice to have family close by. We used to have picnics at the ocean, boating days at the lake, and family times at the ranch. It was nice having family so close. We all live so far apart now. I miss being able to see them whenver I wanted.

I don’t know where this was taken. It looks like a pretty steep and “iffy” climb. Nothing I would want to attempt!

Uncle Curly, or Uncle Bob, maybe you could tell me if you know where this is.

It is fun to find old pictures like these and see how far back these three men’s lives were intertwined.

Family ties; tied together by blood, marriage, and lasting friendships. This one is a keeper!

***UPDATE! I asked my Dad about this picture not too long before he passed. He told me he thought the person I was unsure of was my Uncle Eldred. However yesterday I was going through an old album of Dad’s and this same picture was in it and it said this was my dad’s cousin, David Drobny in Pole Creek. I wanted to correct this for the sake of family history. My dad and his cousin remained very close throughout their whole lives. I am sure this was a good memory for them both. If my dad’s eyes had been better, I am sure he would have recognized him . ..but the timeline of the connection between the three men I thought were in this picture is very close, and the stories and memories I shared of them will forever warm my heart. I apologize to the Drobny family for unintentionally misrepresenting David, who shared many wonderful memories with Dad and Uncle Bob as well.


3 thoughts on “The Craig & Wells Boys

  1. Your memories stir up my own memories of family reunions and picnics along with times at the lake and summers at the farm. Families are so far apart now and everyone is so busy. that these precious times have truly become a thing of the past

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