Little Jimmie and His Goat

Jim Craig- Bruneau, ID (So Cute!)

I always knew my dad loved animals, especially horses and dogs. He loved cattle also. He was a cattle rancher and a horseman. He trained and showed Quarter horses. He also raised, trained, and sold Blue Heeler cow dogs.

There is a couple of things I noticed about this picture. On the back it says, “Little Jimmie and his goat.” When he was younger he went by Jimmie a lot of the time. I have seen his name spelled Jimmy before several times and I thought that was the way he always spelled it. But on this picture, it looks like his mother spelled it Jimmie. I am now pretty sure that is the way his name was spelled back then, because I discovered a letter he wrote to his mother when he was little, and it was signed “Jimmie.”

There is so much history in pictures. Dad and his parents were very good about writing on the back of their photos. I wish I would have followed in their steps. So many of mine were kept in boxes with the good intention of “some day I will write on these, organize them, and put them all neatly in albums.” I am 72 now and decided it was time I get started on that project….maybe tomorrow.😉

I found another picture of Dad and his goat when he was a little younger. I think this is probably the same goat.

Jim Craig, Rosalie and Shirley Hawes, Bruneau, ID

I shared this one on a post I wrote a few years ago, titled, “Beloved, Billy The Kid.” It was about a baby goat my dad gave our kids when they were little. You should read that one if you haven’t. We came to think Dad had something in for us! He could be a handfull!

I can see now how much he loved his little goat when he was a kid, and I am sure he wanted his grandchildren to have some of those great memories.

I also see the little kitten playing with his foot in the top picture. In his later years, Dad had a couple of cats that were his companions and a great comfort to him in his struggles through ALS. But when we were kids, I never thought Dad really liked cats. Dogs were his chosen pets then, not cats. I think he really loved all animals. Well, maybe not skunks. But that is another post!


3 thoughts on “Little Jimmie and His Goat

  1. “Maybe tomorrow.” 😂

    About skunks….my hutch is full of skunks that I’ve collected throughout the years. Antique salt and pepper shakers to an antique ashtray to a light switch, ornaments, butter fish, cookie jar, greeting cards, dice, etc. Yes, I have a skunk fetish. Maybe I will write a post about it one day. 🙂

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