Terror in our Country

The recent terrorist attack in California has left me with a heavy heart.  More senseless deaths by people filled with evil should fill me with “terror”.  I’m sure that is what they are wanting and expecting.  Seeing fear on innocent faces gives them a rush, it is what fuels their sickness.

But surprisingly, fear and terror is not what I am feeling.  I am angry!  I am flat mad!  I am tired of hearing people say how we should open our arms as a nation and welcome 10,000 refugees into our country when we are at war….and we are at war!  I am angered when I hear people who are supposed to be leading our country blaming every cowardly attack like this on not strong enough gun control.  We need to start teaching people how to defend themselves…not take away their means of defense.

I am also a Christian.  I have true compassion for those who are  innocent victims among those refugees.  I don’t have the answers for them.  I pray for them as I do the victims and families of those who have been attacked in Paris and now California.  That does not mean we should endanger the lives of our citizens by allowing a mass influx of them into our country, because we know that there are ISIS terrorists that will be sliding in with them.

I also get mad when I hear politicians, and liberals,  say you can’t really be a Christian or good American if you don’t believe in gun control.

I am a Christian.  I believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  I believe the Son is coming back soon.  Until He does, I plan on defending my family and my countrymen if I am able and if need be.  I can do that because I DO believe in gun control ; as my country’s founding fathers did.  I believe every American has the right to have control of his own guns.  I believe in the right to bear arms.

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