The Greatest Generation

The Legion Hall in Bruneau, Idaho, has always been a special place in my heart and memories. When I was a child we used have the best times there at community dances.

It is also the place where we held the Celebration of Life for Granddad, my dad’s father, Ed Craig on Memorial Day weekend several years ago.

This last weekend, Memorial Day weekend 2023, we held the Celebration of Life for Jim Craig, my father, in this same hall.

Bruneau Legion Hall

Dad was born and raised in this little ranching community that he loved so much. Dad was 96 years old when he left us. The majority of his family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins) and old friends had already passed before him.

We knew my Uncle Bob, Dad’s brother, and Aunt Leona would make it, if at all possible. And he did, in spite of dealing with his own health issues, as well as most of his kids. Most of my and my sister’s kids also made it. We were pretty sure there would be a few Bruneau people there also, but we weren’t expecting the crowd that showed up. Dad touched so many lives. A lot of the children of his lifelong friends were there. This little community Legion Hall was full to overflowing with love and respect for our father. We love you all!

I had a few other cousins, who traveled many miles, that made it also. I learned afterwards that two of Dad’s cousins, Cleo and Leroy, were also there. I regret not being able to visit with them and tell them how much they meant to Dad. But I know they already knew that.

It’s hard to tell all the stories of a man’s 96 years on this earth. There is just no way. People told us stories of our Dad this day that we had never heard… and some that we had.

Dad served our country in World War II. He was stationed in Hawaii after the attack. He was given wonderful Military Honors by Bruneau American Legion, Post # 83. Fireman 2nd Class James Edward “Jim” Craig served on USS YMS 307 which was a minesweeping ship.

Military Gun Salute, and my sister Pat receiving Dad’s flag.

In closing, I would like to share a portion of the service program from the Bruneau Legion.

” We have all heard that ‘Old Soldiers never die; they just fade away.’ However, this fading away is never easy, regardless of age or circumstance. That saying, ‘Old Soldiers Never Die, they just fade away,’ comes from the General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur’s farewell speech to Congress in 1953. We include it in our Honor’s Ceremony simply because it just seems to be appropriate.

On a local note, Jim was one of the 93 men and women from Bruneau that served in WWII, and he was the last one to pass on. His passing is a milestone in Bruneau history because he was a member of the Greatest Generation who fought, and won, World War II, and then came home and made the United States of America the greatest nation the world has ever known. This is a sad day for two reasons. First, because of Jim’s passing and second, because this will be the last Military Honors, we the Bruneau American Legion, will perform for a member of the Greatest Generation. We are eternally grateful and forever thankful to all who earned that fitting distinction….THE GREATEST GENERATION! Jim was one of them”


Vice President Pence

Vice President Mike Pence

I wrote a post in 2017 on Mother’s Day, when then Vice President Mike Pence visited our little country church in Nye, Montana.

That was an experience I will never forget. If you have never been to Nye, Montana, I will just tell you it is not really a town. It is a small ranching community up in the Beartooth Mountains. Not the kind of place you would expect the Vice President of the United States to be visiting!

The Vice President was visiting friends of his in the community. The general public was not notified of his coming to visit our church as they did not want a big crowd. The local police and fire departments were notified for security reasons.

You can’t imagine what it was like to pull into the driveway of the church, and see his Official suv and all the secret service vehicles and police and fire escorts driving toward us and pulling into the driveway on the other side of the church. Secret Service did a quick search of our vehicle, wanded us, and asked us a few questions before allowing us to enter the church. Some of them remained outside scouting in all directions and some came in with the Vice President. You can see two of them behind him in the above photo.

When several of the parishioners came towards him to greet him, the secret service stepped in front of him to stop them, but the Vice President gently shook his head no and greeted all that came forward. He sat quite close to us. Of course everyone sat quite close to him as it is a small church.

After wards he posed for a photo with the entire congregation. He was so friendly, humble, and down to earth.

This man is now running for President of the United States., and I felt the nudging to share this story again.

I don’t know if it’s God’s will for him to win or not, but the Bible tells us He is the one who puts in the leaders of the nations for His purpose. I don’t always trust our government leaders or parties, but I trust our God.

If Mike Pence would happen to win, I feel confident in saying we would have a man who God is with.

Vice President Mike Pence, waving goodbye to all of us!
All of those around him in the black jackets are Secret Service men.

What a day this was for me, my husband, and all of those in this small little country church!

Honoring Dad

Taken in a park we were told was close to the area where the bench was most likely located

One of the things I wanted to do on our trip to Hawaii, was to try and find this bench that Dad was sitting on during his navy time in Hawaii. We didn’t find it which I knew was unlikely. However, we were able to honor him in different ways.

When we visited the USS Arizona , it was hard not to imagine that Dad was here with us. He did not serve on the Arizona, but he was here during the time they were doing salvage work. As emotionally hard as it was for me, I can only imagine What it was like for my dad.

This picture really touches my soul . This was one of the last days when we were all relaxing on the beach. My older grandsons were playing in the sand with our two youngest grandchildren. When they were done with their creation, they wrote Y5 yacht club in the sand.

This put a lump in my throat.. You see, Y5 is my father, Jim, Craig’s livestock brand! It touched me so deeply to know that this whole week in Hawaii my father was not only on my heart, but on the hearts of his great- grandchildren as well.

If Dad can see us down here, I know he was smiling!

USS Arizona

The one place we all wanted to visit on our recent trip to Hawaii was Pearl Harbor . It was so much more emotional than I had anticipated. Before we boarded the boat that took us to the Arizona, they played the National Anthem on the loudspeaker. I was fighting back tears and felt overwhelmed with the sacredness we were about to witness.

Once on the Arizona Memorial and overlooking the wreckage below us, it was very quiet. Looking at the wall with the names of all who perished in the watery mass grave we were standing above seemed to haunt us all.

Diagram showing what the Arizona looked like before the bombing and what it looks like today with the Memorial (white strip in center) perched above it.
Part of the Arizona that is visible

This day was incredible. Incredibly emotional. Incredibly humbling, and a day I will never forget.

The USS Arizona


ship that

sits where the

bombs determined

it’s fate and the fate

of the souls it carried,

always will be remembered.

It will rip apart the hearts of

those who stand solemnly above it.

Sacrifice here is holy and honored.

Diamond Head

View of Diamond Head from our hotel window

Although it was close to us, Diamond Head is one adventure we didn’t experience. Our aging knees were giving us problems from the previous day’s adventure.

However, we were able to view this historic site from one of the views from our hotel window. Of course we could also see it from the Waikiki beach, which was just a couple of blocks walk from us.

Since I have been home, I did a little research on Diamond Head. Geologists believe it to be monogenetic meaning they believe it will never erupt again.

Diamond Head is the crater of the Ka’olau Volcano believed to be 2-3 million years old.

The 1.8 mile hiking trail actually starts inside the crater. The hike takes just over an hour up and down.

The Hawaiian name for Diamond Head is Le ahi (tuna). That is because the shape of the ridge line resembles the shape of a tuna’s dorsal fin.
The name Diamond Head came from British sailors who mistook the sparkling volcanic calcite crystals found near the beach as diamonds.

in 1968 Diamond Head was declared a Natural National Monument.

It was used as a military outlook in the early 1900s .

Although it is a state monument, part of it is closed to the public, as it is a platform for antennas used by the United States government.

What a wonderful time we had in Hawaii. This state is not only beautiful to the eye and all of your senses, it is also rich in history.

if you haven’t had the chance yet to visit here, I hope someday you can.

Hawaii Bound!

Dad, Jim Craig

We are headed to Hawaii today! Our children surprised us with a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 50th anniversary last year. Because of some health issues I was dealing with at the time we had to postpone until this year. Our daughters and their families are going with us. Our son and his family were unable to make the trip with us. We will be missing their company!

My father served in the Navy during World War II in Hawaii . He served on a mine sweeping ship.

I don’t know if it is possible, but I would love to find this bench Dad was sitting on and get a picture of me on that same bench.

We are going to visit Pearl Harbor and the kids have lots of other sites for us to see all planned out.

We are leaving in a snow storm and will be sitting on the beach this afternoon! If it’s not spring in Montana, when it’s time for us to leave, I might just stay! ALOHA!!

A Sailor in the Making

I wrote this post back in 2015. Dad passed into heaven September 2022.
I updated a few things on this post and wanted to share it again in his memory.







I love this picture of my dad, Jim Craig.  The back of the photo says he was 2 or 3 years of age.  When I look at that face, I see the face of my Grandma Odessa Craig.  I also see my own face, and that of my son, Dustin, and my granddaughter, Allie.

He’s a handsome little guy in that sailor suit, isn’t he?  I love the tights and little black shoes too.

Time would prove this picture to be prophetic.  Dad served in the Navy during WWII.  He was stationed in Pearl Harbor.  He arrived after the bombings, thanks be to God, but he saw the devastation that was left behind. Just because he was not there during the fighting, doesn’t mean he was out of danger. Dad served on a mine sweeping ship during his time there.

I love these pictures…and the man in them.  Thank…

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Please God; Bless Us In This New Year



I am not making any New Year’s resolutions this year.  I never fulfill any I’ve ever made anyway.  That perhaps is because I try to make changes on my own power instead of leaning on the power of the Holy Spirit.  This year instead of a resolution, I am making a petition of prayer to God.

Please God, this year:

  1.  Give our leaders wisdom.  Guide them to make decisions pleasing to you regarding the leadership and direction of our country.
  2. Help us reverse legislature that is against your will.  Help us change the legalization of abortion and save the lives of innocent babies.
  3. Prosper us.  Let no one in our country go to bed hungry. Bring an end to the homeless situation in our country.  Let no one have to sleep on the streets this year.  Prosper us that we may help other countries as well.
  4. Protect us Lord, from those…

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Old Glory

Independence Day was yesterday. Because of Covid-19 many city sponsored fireworks celebrations were cancelled. Our country is at an unrest like I have never witnessed in my 69 years of life. There are violent protests across our nation and people burning our flag to supposedly make their point of view bring awareness to their cause.
But in my opinion they are making that divide wider, and stirring up anger in many hearts that were never there before. Our flag stands for sacrifice, courage, and bravery of all those who fought to bring our nation to what it is today; the home of the brave, land of the free..United States of America ! Although many public firework shows were canceled, our little town was aglow with every other house setting off their pride and respect for our Nation’s Independence Day Celebration! That is why I am resharing this blog post from a couple of years ago. There is love, respect, and meaning behind and for our flag. Don’t trample on, spit on, and burn Old Glory!



The United States of America.  Land of the free, home of the brave.  This is where I am blessed to live. I was born and raised on cattle and horse ranches.  I lived a simple country life.  It was a life learning to admire the beauty, grandeur, and awesome peacefulness of God’s creative hand.

We didn’t grow up admiring beautiful skyscrapers built by the hand of man.  We grew up admiring majestic mountains created by the hand of God himself.  We weren’t privileged to visit neighborhood museums where we could be awed by paintings of world renown artists.  We were awed by the beauty of creeks, and rivers rushing over rocks, soothing us with stress relieving sounds more beautiful than any orchestra.  We didn’t admire paintings of flowers, we were awed by wildflowers growing on a mountainside or prairie. We had the real thing.  God said of flowers in the…

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