Hallelujah! The King is coming!

My last post was on the terror in our country. While I believe and stand by everything I said, I did not want to leave you without hope.  I believe there is hope for our country, if we turn back to God.  We have passed laws sanctioning abortions, have taken God out of our schools, and are trying to take him out of our government.  We are passing laws honoring the marriages of same sexes.  While we live in a country where everyone is free to live his own lifestyle, when we as a nation pass laws that are contrary to God’s laws, we stand as a nation under judgement by God.  Please, America, return to God, so that he can heal our land.

And this year don’t forget to say “Merry Christmas!”  This holiday is about Christ.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.  Hope you enjoy the poem.


“Hallelujah!  The King is coming,

bringing peace on earth,

follow the star and you will find

the King of humble birth.”

That’s how it started long ago,

the celebration of Christmas Day,

with wonder, hope, gifts, and praise,

for the Babe asleep on the hay.

‘Tis the season of hope and wonder,

sparkling trees aglow with light,

gifts for loved ones sit beneath

on this sweet and glorious night.

Then the day breaks the darkness;

excited smiles and paper torn,

and the preparation of the turkey

are the focus of Christmas morn.

But where is the peace on earth?

In such troubled times we live!

Did He just leave us in this mess?

Did He forget His peace to give?

No!  Wait, sing Hallelujah!

That’s not the end of the story.

Christ is coming once again,

and this time in all His Glory!

So sing praises to the King of Kings,

for He is the Way;

the Way, the Joy, the Love, and Peace,

this earth will know someday.

We may still live in a world of strife,

but our hearts can have peace and love,

if we bend our knee, give our life

to our Savior up above.

Sing hallelujah, praise be to God!

There’s hope at the end of the story.

He’s coming again, upon a cloud,

with His angels, His Power, His Glory!

Sheryl Craig Russell






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