Sweet 16

Grandma Lillie Belle Wells. An old fashioned woman with a heart full of love for her Jesus. I learned so much from her.


IMG_0057 (1) Lillie Belle Wells age 16

I absolutely love this picture of my Grandma Lillie.  I love finding old pictures that show a side of the people I love, that I never knew.  I love her hair.  I love her “big” hat.  I love her slender figure, her feminine outfit, and her bracelet.

This is my Grandma at age 16.  When she was showing me this picture, Granddad said, “Sweet sixteen, and never been kissed!”  He smiled and winked at her, and she blushed.  I loved it.  They were probably in their eighties at the time.

But this is not the Grandma I knew.  When I knew Grandma, she was heavy-set and wore her hair in a bun.  She wore “old lady” dresses, and “old lady” shoes.  They were always black shoes that laced up to her ankles. I don’t ever remember her wearing any jewelry, other than a watch.  And…

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