The Lone Wolf

This pictue of The Lone Wolf, by the polish painter Alfred Kowalski, hung in our family home for all of my childhood.

There has always been something about this painting that draws me in. I am not sure if it stirs a sense of safety and peace, because it reminds me of my childhood home, or a longing for the freedom of that wolf. I think maybe it is both. It is a picture of warmth, love, security and companionship. It is also a picture of bitter cold, freedom, loneliness and envy. I think the envy is shared a little from both those perspectives; the struggle for balance in life itself.

This poem was written by my sister, Pat Craig Campbell, when she was still living at home and looking at this painting every day. I think she was in the 7th grade. We lived in Fairfield, ID at the time, where we had such wonderful childhood memories.

I just found the copy of her poem a few days ago. I put it together with the picture and sent her a copy for her birthday.

They belong together, don’t you think?


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