The Morning Light

My Mom Harriett Wells Craig 1948

My Mom, my beautiful sweet Mom, how I miss her! As you can see in the picture above, she had the most radiant, sweet smile.  She just oozed of love and tenderness.

She was the greatest mother, and was my friend. She was the example I will strive the rest of my life to be like, even though I know I will never succeed.  She was one of a kind.

Mom has been with Jesus for many years.  I no longer mourn for her, but sometimes I miss her so much it hurts. But when I do I try to think back on this poem I wrote for her a few years after her death.  It reminds me that she is still, and always will be with me. She lives in my memory and in my heart.

Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven Mom!

The Morning Light

There’s a place in the morning light,

A moment…there just for awhile,

when the newness of the day shines through,

I see your caring smile.

And it gives me hope for the day at hand,

courage to look and see,

at all God has blessed me with,

especially my family.

There are times when a warm wind stirs,

and the trees so gently sway.

I feel your faith sweep over me,

and it blows my cares away.

When I’m feeling stressed, and out of sorts,

in a rush with no where to go,

I sit by the side of a quiet stream,

and your patience begins to flow.

If I try to give up, and my strength fails me,

your hand I feel on my shoulder.

Like a granite rock, your courage and grace

hold me up, and I feel much bolder.

I sit in the calm of the evening hour,

amazed at the setting sun,

feeling overwhelmed that the day has passed,

and your life on earth is done.

When the empty hollow in my heart

seems more than I can bear,

heaven’s stars shine through your eyes,

and I feel your presence there.

I close my eyes and drift in sleep,

blessed more than any other,

for everything the day beholds,

is touched by the love of my mother.

Sheryl Craig Russell

2 thoughts on “The Morning Light

  1. You really did have the dearest mother, Sherry. She was always so calm and composed. I feel so blessed to have known her. What an awesome poem! The tears roll down my cheeks as I think of my own sweet mama in heaven. Mother`s Day is so bittersweet now. The day for me is spent cherishing my beautiful daughter and the lovely family she has. Time marches on. We will all be together again one day. God Bless our dear mothers.


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