White Lace and Promises

I want to tell you about a walk of promises…white lace and promises.  It started forty seven years ago.

Mike and Sherry dad walking me down aisle

It started with my arm in my Dad’s. Both of us with mixed feelings of joy and anxious anticipation. We both knew that at the end of that aisle, our relationship would forever be changed. He would always be my Dad, and I would forever be his little girl, but it would be different from here on out.

Mike and Sherry dad giving me away

As we neared the end of that aisle, all I could see was the face that would become my partner in the walk of the rest of my life.  My heart was overflowing with happiness!

Mike and Sherry wedding Mr. & Mrs

And just like that we were married!

Mike and Sherry Yay!

Not yet knowing what all that meant, but we were just excited to start the journey.

Mike and Sherry weddin rings

Rings on our fingers, my hand upon his, we had no idea that this would be the picture that would define us.  Hand in hand, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health..we have hung onto each others hands through it all.  And through it all God who joined us together has never left us nor forsaken us.

Mike and Sherry wedding. rice

So we left that church, hand in hand, rice in our hair and good wishes from friends and family.

White Lace and Promises was one of the songs sang at our wedding.  The other was He. We started a new walk that day. A walk that would rely on promises made in a white tuxedo and white lace. And it has been He who sustains us to this day.

This was the best walk I’ve ever taken.  The years between then and now have somehow flown so quickly. We have three beautiful children who have blessed us with nine wonderful grandchildren.

Our life has been a good one. I am so thankful for the man that walked me down that aisle, and so in love with the man who walked me back.

I love you Michael Russell and so glad for God and White Lace and Promises!


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