Uncle Eldred, (Curly) Wells

Curly Wilnter Camp
Eldred (Curly) Wells at Winter Camp, ID

I love everything about this picture of my Uncle Curly.  I love his pinto, I love his chaps, I love the corral, and I love him.  Doesn’t he look like Little Joe, from Bonanza?

This was taken in Winter Camp, ID.  My grandparents used to have a place there.  I was young the last time I was there, so I don’t remember a lot about it.  I would love to visit there again.

My Uncle Curly is such a neat man…and a man of many talents.  As you can see, his younger years he was raised in the ranching life.  He has also worked in retail a lot, and was a Realtor for many years.  Curly has always been a “handy” man of sorts.  Always good with carpentry projects, always fixing things.  I also loved to hear him play the guitar and sing.  He is a very sweet, humble man, who loves God, his family, and his country.

Curly is my mom’s younger brother.  When I was a teenager in California, my family, and his family would share great weekends together.  We had picnics at the ocean.  We had weekend trips to the local lakes, boating and water-skiing.  Well, others water-skied, I never got the hang of it.

The horse ranch we live on had a small reservoir.  We had lots of fun there.  We fished..a lot!   We had a canoe and a raft that was the center of much fun and many good memories.

I remember once Curly made a paddle-boat.  I was so impressed by his talent!  He brought it up to the reservoir for its’ maiden voyage.  It was so cool and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  That however didn’t ever happen.  He put it in the water and well,…..let’s just say it didn’t paddle quite the way it should have!  He ended up in the water!  I’m not sure if he ever got it “tweaked” to where it worked right or not.  But it was still a cool paddle-boat!

Thank you Uncle Curly for your example, and for so many good memories in my life!


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