Sweet Smells Of Summer!

Hay field in Montana

Summer is almost over.  The days are still warm, the evenings are cooling down, and autumn is right around the corner.

I love fall.  In fact, it is my favorite season.  However, I don’t look forward to what follows it.  For that reason, I always cling to summer as long  as I can.  I cling to every moment of warm sunshine, the long hours of daylight, and the sweet smells of summer!

I love the smell of hamburgers and steaks cooking on the barbecue.  I love the smell of clothes hanging on the clothes line.  I love the smells of the flowers.  I love the smell of fresh dill and basil growing in the garden.  I love the smell of fresh mowed grass.  I love to sit by the creek or river, watch the water rush over the rocks, smell the freshness it imparts, and feel the peace filling my soul.  I love the smell of the summer air after a rainstorm.

But my favorite smell of summer is that of fresh mowed hay.  It fills me up with memories of my childhood; carefree, wonderful days!  It brings me back to when my children were young, and we would take lunch out to my husband, swathing or baling hay.  I relive the picnics we had in the hay fields.  Such good memories…..oh, how I love the sweet, sweet, smells of summer!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Smells Of Summer!

  1. We have so many experiences in common. I can’t hang laundry any more (home owner’s and apartment associations frown!) and I rarely smell really sweet cut grass. Our rivers are slow, muddy and not so pleasant, and grilling’s not allowed where I live. But I remember, and you brought it all back!

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