Aunt Mae and Uncle Jim

Jim and Mae Medlock 1947   Davis Ranch in Bruneau, ID

I have fond memories of this couple.  They are my aunt and uncle.  Mae is my mom’s sister.  The photo says this was taken in 1947.  I am assuming that is about the time they were married, or close to it.  When I look at this picture it doesn’t seem like they changed a lot over the years.  Mae was always so prim and proper, and Jim always with that smile, and a joke or story to tell.  Mae never liked her picture taken for some reason, and I can imagine in this picture that Uncle Jim is holding her arm so she can not cover her face.

Aunt Mae told me that Uncle Jim was from Missouri, and that he came from a poor, and hard up-bringing.  He was a mechanic most of his life.  He and Aunt Mae lived in Portland, Oregon ever since I can remember. His hard younger life, did not sour his disposition.  Jim was always fun to be around.  He always had that same smile as in this picture, and he always joked around and played with us kids.

Aunt Mae had a babysitting business in her home.  We lived in Portland for a year or two, and Aunt Mae took care of us while Mom worked.  I can remember her fixing tomatoe soup for us for lunch.  She would serve it in cups and we would sip it instead of eating it with a spoon.  That seemed so fun to me.  Funny how little things like that stay with you!

I developed a special bond with Aunt Mae when Mom’s health got bad.  She was so good to Mom.  She was always calling and checking on her, and helping Mom with reaching out to God in her last few years.  She said Mom told her when she had trouble sleeping, that she didn’t mind, because that gave her special time to pray for me and my sister, Pat.  After Mom’s passing, she would call me and just visit.  We  made a bond to pray for each other’s  children.  I know she always prayed for mine, and I will continue to pray for my cousins, as we  agreed.

Aunt Mae and Uncle Jim are both in heaven now, with so many other members of my family.  I hope they both know what a special place they will always hold in my heart.

2 thoughts on “Aunt Mae and Uncle Jim

  1. Look at that grin on his face. All things considered, I think you’re exactly right, that he’s keeping her from shying away from the camera. Aunts and uncles are special in a way no other relatives are — at least, that’s my experience. I’m so glad you shared these family members with us.


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