I Am Standing Up

Well, we’ve had another terror attack in the US, thanks to Radical Islam!  ISIS, that’s what they call themselves.  Fifty dead, fifty plus injured; most critically.  And what does our President say?   We need more gun control!

I am respectfully standing up and choose to openly disagree with him.  I know what our nation needs.  It needs to turn back to God….and we need more border control, NOT gun control!

I’ve been reading comments on facebook today.  Some calling this a “hate” crime because it occurred in a gay bar.  Some saying it’s time to take away all our guns, some saying these crimes are done by people with mental illness and we just need to stop them from being able to buy guns.

I agree with part of what they are saying. This is a “hate” crime.  It is hate against Christians, and Americans in general.  Why do they hate us?  Jesus said, “If they hate me, they will hate you.”

These people are not mentally ill.  They are evil.  There is a difference.  You can not reason with them.  They are out to bring the world under Sharia Law.

Take away our guns and you take away our self-defense.  You will not stop them from getting guns, or making explosives, or going on stabbing frenzies with knives.

But close our borders to them and you will greatly decrease their access to our people.

I am standing up for God.  I am standing up for America.  I am keeping my bible…..and my gun, thank you!

Any body with me?

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