Our Love Has Turned Golden, Fifty Years

,Today we celebrate Fifty years of marriage. They call this the Golden Anniversary, which symbolizes prosperity, strength, wisdom, and lifelong love.

It takes Fifty years to turn a marriage into gold. While holding hands and standing together we have suffered, cried, laughed, and prayed.

Life has not always been easy, but I can say it has always been good. I am not saying there have not been bad times, there have been. But even the bad times were good because we have shared them together.

Prosperity: We have that. We have never had the kind of riches that would put us on Forbes list of the worlds’ most wealthy, but we are rich beyond measure in the things that really count. We love each other, our three children, and the nine grandchildren they have blesssed us with, our country roots, and our God. The blessings these have given us, have made us two of the richest people on earth.

Strength: I have found that strength is something that usually comes from going through trials when we most often feel the weakest and most vulnerable. We have been there a time or two and only by knowing Christ will “Never leave us nor forsake us”, have we made it through.

Wisdom: They say that comes with age. I think that is because when you are getting closer to the end of the road, the material things of this world don’t seem so important, and you begin looking upward for true wisdom.

Lifelong love: Fifty years of loving life and each other have given us a pretty solid claim at this one!

I can’t thank God enough for the life partner he has given me, the ranch life we were able to share and raise our kids in, all the joy, laughter, and even the pain and tears we’ve gone through.

It is called life, and ours has definitely become as precious as gold. Let’s make a few more memories!

Happy Trails to us !

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