Otis &Lillie Family

Back: Chet, Kenny, and Billy Dipp

Middle: Mae, Grandma Lillie, and Granddad Otis Wells, holding Leah

Front: Nellie, and Harriett Wells (My Mom)

This is a picture of my grandparents, Lillie and Otis Wells, and their family. The only one missing is my Uncle Eldred, who was not yet born. The photo, I believe was taken on the porch of Granddad’s parents, Absalom and Harriett Wells.

I’m not sure what the occasion was when this picture was taken . Perhaps they had just been to church or maybe it was a holiday. The reason I say this is because all three of the boys are dressed in white shirts and wearing ties, whch they did not wear everyday. It was not uncommon for Grandma and the girls to be wearing dresses, they did most of the time. Grandma wore dresses almost all of the time. I’ve only seen pictures of her in pants twice.

This is the only picture I have seen with grandma and granddad and their children all together, when they were younger.

Back row: Kenny Dipp, Chet Dipp, Leah Colyer, Nellie Duffield, Eldred Wells, Bill Dipp Front Row: Mae Medlock, Lillie Wells, Otis Wells, Harriett Craig.

The above picture was taken at a family reunion at the home of my parents, Jim and Harriett Craig.
This was Thanksgiving, 1972 . I think this may have been the last time that they were all together at the same time, as they were spread across the country. They may have all been together again at one of my Aunts family reunions that I didn’t make, I’m not sure. Uncle Eldred, second from right in the back row, was the youngest of the children. He was not yet born in the first picture.

It was at this reunion that Mike and I decided to move to Nevada and accept the job that Dad had offered Mike. We moved here the next month, just before Christmas, and remained here the next 18 years.

I am so thankful for family pictures, and the memories and history they tell.


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