Springtime in Montana

Picture looking down our street

My sister, who lives in Arizona, always says, “Oh the snow is so pretty, especially when it is a calm snow and covers all the trees branches. I miss it so much!”

Well she is right. It makes a baren, leafless tree, into a thing of beauty. Sometimes the beauty almost takes my breath away. It fills me with a feeling of awe and wonderment.

That being said, I can say I AM SICK OF SNOW!! IWANT SPRING! It is no longer winter, it IS SPRING!

Same street, different direction

The thing about spring snows is that they are almost always very heavy and wet, as you can see on this evergreen. It often breaks branches, brings down power lines, and cuts off power. If it is deep enough and heavy enough, it can collapse roofs! Not to mention the hazzards on the roads.

My husband went out to clear the sidewalks. The snow is so wet that the snowblower won’t work on it. He had to shovel it by hand. It is so heavy that I can’t hardly lift a full shovel. Not an easy task!

It is devasting to the ag industry that is usually right in the middle of calving. It can cause an outbreak of scours, and other issues that can cause a loss of life. It is hard to get equipment out to feed cattle. To say it is stressfull also on the ranchers who take care of the livestock is an understatement! It is exhausting.

As you can see, we have a pretty good accumulation, and it is still snowing. But we have nothing. We have family who live closer to the mountains who have gotten 2 FEET!. They have snow plows that have gotten stuck trying to plow the highway. There is emergency travel only warnings out in several areas of the state.

Springtime in Montana, gotta love it…OR NOT!

Note to my Sis in Arizona: Fix up the spare room! πŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž


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