Cowboy From Birth

My Grandfather Ed Craig
My Dad Jim Craig Holding Reins

I have shared a lot about my dad, Jim Craig, about how he was born and raised a cowboy. Well I wasn’t fibbing. I am not sure if he was even walking yet when this picture was taken.

Look at those tiny little hands holding those reins! He is so alert, watching that horse like a true cowboy!

You can tell by his face that he loves being in the saddle

Jim and Nick, his pony

Here he is just a little bit older. He is on his pony, Nick, and wearing a pair of chaps made for him by his father, Ed Craig.

Nick was one of his childhood companions. They rode many miles together.

Jim and his Dad, Ed

Here he is headed out to trail some cows with his Dad. I love this picture of Granddad also. That is quite the hat he has on. Looks like he is on the set of an early John Wayne movie!

Jim on Pinky

Dad is on Pinky in this picture. His stirrups look a little short on his saddle. I think he was close to outgrowing it. He looks almost like a jockey. Dad told me he thought it would have been fun to have been a jockey. He did train polo horses for awhile. I wish I could have watched him do that. I may have, but if I did, I was to small to remember!

Jim on Pinky

Pinky was another horse Dad grew up on. I think he said he was in his teens in this picture.

So there you have it. Picture proof of my dad, Jim Craig, born and raised a cowboy.

He spent the better part of his life in the saddle and loved every minute of it. He raised his girls the same way, And when the grandkids came along, he had them in the saddle with him as well.

Jim Craig & Granddaugher Holly Russell

Jim Craig & Nick

Thanks for letting me share my story with you!

Adios Friends!

“No hour of life is wasted when spent in the saddle.”

Winston Churchill


5 thoughts on “Cowboy From Birth

  1. I love your stories. I think I would have done well being raised as a cowgirl. We had horses but for short periods at a time. Dad and Buck, a quarter horse, would compete in barrel and pole competitions. Someday I’ll compile a post. I may have a post to share. Two years ago I wrote many posts in March 2021 as my father was dying. I may have a post there. I will check. ♥️


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