Lillie’s Little Treasures

Lillie Lanning Wells… Age 72

I’ve shared a few posts of my Grandma Lillie Belle Wells lately. They seem to keep churning up more stories. She just seems to be sitting on my heart right now.

I thought I would share a few stories about some of Grandma’s little treasures she left behind for us.

Lillie’s Deer Covered Bowl

This story was shared with me from my cousin. I’m not sure what exactly the bowl was. It looks fairly small in this picture. I am wondering if it was maybe a bowl for powder, possibly had a powder “puff” with it? Not sure. But the story touched my heart strings.

It was my aunt’s birthday. My Granddad Otis was gone, perhaps on a fence contract, I don’t know. Regardless, Lillie never learned to drive and was not able to go to town to get my aunt a gift. So she went through her things hoping to find something that my aunt might like. She found this cute little treasure and wrapped it up for her. Lillie couldn’t not have a gift for her little girl on her birthday! She had such a tender heart.

Needless to say this is now a family heirloom. Not because of its monetary value, but because of the sweet story that acompanies it.

Lillie’s Ruby and Pearl Ring

This was Grandma’s ruby ring. No one seems to know how she aquired it. It was handed down to my mother, and upon my mother’s passing; to me. A couple of years ago I handed it down to my daughter, who will eventually hand it down to her daughter. I wrote a post telling the story, titled, “Love handed Down,” in December, 2017.

Sam Jack- Character from Otis Wells’ poem

Above is a sampling of some of Lillie’s art over the years. They are a treasure for us all. I am especially fond of Sam Jack, which was sketched on an old envelope. Sam Jack was a character in a poem written and often ‘acted out’ by Otis Wells, my grandfather, when his children were young. I also wrote a post about Sam Jack in March 2018, about this cute poem.

Grandma Lillie…The Best Treasure of All!

But the most valuable treasures she left us all, were the memories of times spent with her. The two pictures of Grandma on this post is the way I always remembered her. She was a pioneer daughter and a wife to two very lucky men, (she was widowed by her first) a loving mother to eight children, and a Grandmother and Great-Grandmother to many. She was a follower of Jesus. She shared her faith by the example she left us.

Someday, I will be greeted by her sweet smile, and loving arms. I’m pretty sure there will be a plate of cinnamon rolls waiting for me up there also! Keep them warm Grandma!


8 thoughts on “Lillie’s Little Treasures

  1. I can confirm that your little deer-covered dish could have been used as a powder dish. They also served as trinket dishes, or candy dishes. My own grandmother had one. They were made by the Jeanette Glass company, and usually came (like yours) in marigold carnival glass. They’re still being sold, like this one, but yours is the only one filled with such great memories.


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