His Voice Is Over The Waters

I was looking trhough some of my old posts and this one kinda hit me in the face again! I think it is because we are flying to Hawaii this Spring with our kids and grandkids to celebrate our 5oth which was last June. I am not that fond of flying, though I have a few times. And now I will be flying a very long flight, OVER WATER! I think I need to read this and meditate on how His Voice will be right there with me.


1-18-2016-0141-1 The voice of the Lord is over the water Psalm 29 : 3

I’ve always had mixed emotions when it comes to bodies of water.  I love the ocean.  I love the beach.  I love the beauty of the waves rushing over the sand and breaking, then returning to the deep from which they came.  I like to try to follow the receding water back and feel the wet sand between my toes. I like to search for all the treasures those waves deposited on the sand for me.  I love seashells, starfish, and sand dollars.  However, I have no desire to swim out in the ocean.  I have no desire to be in a boat out in the deep so far from land.

I love to sit on a riverbank and watch the water breaking over the rocks, splashing; water drops glistening in the sun, and then rolling on down…

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