A Cowboy’s Pard

A Cowboy’s Pard

I was riding ‘cross the desert plain,

headed for the mountain pass,

with a pack-horse loaded down with salt

for the cows in summer grass.

I know most think the cowboy life

is hard as desert sod.

Though true that is, it doesn’t mean

his heart’s so far from God.

I paused a moment on the trail,

sparce with sage and cactus flowers,

watched mule deer drinking from the stream,

all proof of His creative powers.

I started up the sharp incline

as an eagle soared above,

gliding on majestic wings,

a reminder of His grace and love.

I thank the Lord for this cowboy life,

for my horse, my saddle, and dog,

for my humble abode where the home fires burn,

with the help from a quaker log.

This cowboy may be weathered rough,

from years of riding hard,

but I’ve learned One rides beside me,

I bend my knee to the Lord…my Pard.

Sheryl Craig Russell

The pictures are of my husband packing salt, and pushing cows up to summer pasture on the U3 Ranch, Wells, Nevada.You can see the ranch headquarters at the foot of the mountain… the small white speck, surrounded by trees.

Romans 1:20

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities; His eternal power and divine nature; have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”


6 thoughts on “A Cowboy’s Pard

  1. This is lovely, but it occurred to me after reading it that your husband had another great ‘Pard’ who was always close at hand: you! I do have to ask — what is a ‘Quaker log’?


    1. Thank you..yes i have also been his Pard for a little over 50 years now! A” Quaker Log” is nothing more than a log cut from a Qakening Aspen tree. Called quaking, I believe, because their leaves “Quake” in a gentle breeze, prettier than any wind chime. We have just always referred to them as “Quakers.”

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      1. That’s really interesting, and it makes perfect sense. Since we don’t have aspens down here, quaking or otherwise, that never would have crossed my mind. When I think of Quakers, I think of the Society of Friends!


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