Beloved, Billy The Kid

Oh Billy! You were a character! Although you could be agravating you brought us a lot of joy and laughter and I find myself missing you.


scenery-old-family-basketball-2016-032-1 Jim Craig, Rosalie and Shirley Hawes, Bruneau, ID

colton-daisy-1 Grandson Colton on Daisy the goat

This first picture is of my dad, Jim Craig, and Rosalie and Shirley Hawes.  The second is of my grandson Colton riding a goat.  I can’t find a picture of the actual goat this story is about.  His name was Billy The Kid.  That was a good name for him because as it turned out he was a little bit of an outlaw!

The following story was published in The Western Ag Reporter several years ago in my column I had with them called Backhome.

Beloved Billy

I can remember the day so clearly when Billy came to live with us.  Our children, Dustin, Holly, and Mindy were 9 ,6, and 3 years of age.  We were visiting my parents.  As we were walking up the steps, in front of all 3 kids, my Dad told me and…

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