The Roaring Twenties

I have since been told that this photo of my grandparents was thought to have been taken on their wedding day. That makes this even more special! Love it!



Ed and Odessa Craig   1925

I always loved old movies of the Roaring Twenties.  It looked like such a fun time to live.  I loved the dances, the clothes, the hair.

This picture is of my grandparents, Ed and Odessa Craig.   I love this picture, but it is not how I remember either one of them.  Granddad was a cowboy his whole life.  Grandma was a housewife.  She had a beautiful flower garden, loved crocheting, and always wore dresses.  I never saw her in a dress like this though!  She makes a pretty cute “flapper” doesn’t she?

Granddad loved to dance.  I was told he won a dance contest doing the Charleston.  I wish I could have been there!  I wonder if they were going to a dance when this picture was taken.

It is so fun seeing a glimpse of a “fun and sassy” side of people who always…

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