The Good Old Days

I have been sharing old posts this last month and this one made me laugh. Yes, I did live in the Good Old Days…and I have been wishing lately I could go back in time, at least for a little while.


Pat and Sherry Craig Bruneau, ID about 1953 Pat and Sherry Craig
Bruneau, ID about 1953

I don’t think of myself as having been born and raised in the “Good Old Days.”  That was my parents and grandparents generations, right?  They lived in the horse and buggy days, the “Little House on The Prairie” days.

My generation has always had all the conveniences of the modern age.  We’ve always had indoor plumbing, refrigerators, running water, and electricity.  We’ve always had modern washers and dryers, telephones, and TV.  That’s the way it seemed to me.

I ran across this picture of my sister Pat and I playing in this old wash tub in front of our house in Bruneau, ID.  I knew I could write a story or poem about that picture, so I called Dad to get a little history on it.

Guess what?  We were not playing, we were bathing!  In a tub like I used to…

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