Tilling the Garden

It’s funny sometimes how a picture can stir up so many emotions, and take you back not only to your childhood, but back to a time before your time. That is what this picture does for me.

That is my father, Jim Craig on the plow, and my Uncle Bob Craig on the horse. Bob looks like he is about 6 or7 years old, which would make my dad about 16 or 17. This was on the home ranch in Bruneau, ID.

I can notice and feel so many little things in this photo. First off is the love between these brothers. There was a pretty big age gap between them. More often than not that can mean siblings don’t share a very close bond growing up. I don’t think that is the case here. I have a lot of photographic evidence and family stories that seems to support my view.

Second is the actual tilling of the garden. This could not have been that easy of a job. I am pretty sure the hanky sticking out of my dad’s pocket was used to wipe the sweat off his brow. Uncle Bob’s job guiding the horse would have been my choice!

Third is that little garden gate. I don’t have any memories of that gate, but maybe there is something buried in my subconscious. It stirs up feelings of comfort and home and a longing to return to my beginnings.

Fourth is that line of trees in the background. Correct me Bruneau friends if I am wrong, but I think Dad told me they were poplar trees. These do take me back to my childhood memories of the tree lined lane leading to the house. I can remember my sister’s pony, Tootsie, running away with me down that lane, and me crying hysterically. In truth she was probably barely trotting, But my dad, my hero, saved me!

It doesn’t matter where I am at, when I see these trees, I am immediately transported back to my early childhood, to memories of the love of my mom and dad, and sister, my grandparents, greatgrandparents, Aunt Effie and Uncle Al, and lifelong friends of the Bruneau community. And that is a very special place to be.


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