My Uncle Bob

This post is from a little over 5 years ago. I will be sharing a few of his rodeo photos on another post soon. Love you Uncle Bob!


img_0845 (2) Bob Craig, Bruneau, ID

Today is my Uncle Bob’s 81st birthday.  This picture was taken in his rodeo days.  I am not sure how old he was in this photo, but he started to rodeo in his teens.  I am not positive, but I think he is wearing one the many rodeo buckles he won.  I also believe he is wearing a belt that his dad, my grandfather, made him.

I love this picture of Uncle Bob.  He looks like the classic cowboy doesn’t he?  He’s got his dress white shirt tucked into his going to town blue jeans and those jeans tucked into his fancy top boots!

My uncle not only looks like the classic rodeo cowboy, he is.  He rode bulls, saddle broncs and bareback.   A few years back he was inducted into the Legends of Rodeo Hall of Fame.

But to me he was always just a…

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