The Legion Hall..Sweet Memories

The Legion Hall…may it stand forever!


Legion hall in Bruneau (3) Bruneau American Legion Hall Post #83

So very sweet and dear to me are my childhood memories of this place.  Several generations of my family called Bruneau, Idaho home; from my great-great-grandparents to myself. I called Bruneau home only for the first five years of my life, but it still pulls at my heart.

Although we moved away, we still visited Bruneau quite often through the years.

Being only five when we moved away, a lot of my memories from here are fleeting, and not very vivid.  Sometimes I am not sure if I really remember incidents my family talks about, or I just remember their stories, so often repeated.

But my memories of the Legion Hall…they are mine! I wish my children and grandchildren could have shared memories like this place has given me.

What do I remember about the Legion Hall? Dances! They were family, community dances, and…

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