The Homestead


Old Bruneau Homestead maybe late 1890s 001 Homestead of Charles E. (Ed) and Missouri Suzie (Gran) Holverson  Bruneau, ID 1800’s

This post is connected to two older posts, the first, “Down Memory Lane….The Homestead, and  my last post, “Sheep Camp.” I mentioned in Sheep Camp, that my great-great-grandparents lived in a nice home in Bruneau.  This is a picture of that house; “the home place.” This picture was probably taken in the late 1800’s.  That is Gran Holverson standing in the pasture.  Directly behind the pasture fence you can see the large orchard I mentioned.

I was told my great-great- Grandmother usually went by Gran.  I found a couple of pictures written on the back identifying her as Suzie, and Missouri Suzie.  Her obituary has her name as Missouri Catherine Harris Holverson. That is a pretty long name.  She was married once before to a F.E. Thompson, so I’m assuming the Harris is a family name. I…

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