Grandpa Cowboy Jim

Dad, family ranchGrandpa tells me stories of long, long, ago, about the ranch where he grew up in Bruneau, Idaho.

Dad and Clara Bell

When he was just a little kid, way, way, back when, he would hold and talk to Clara Bell; his very own pet hen.

Jim Craig, Rosalie, & Shirley Hawes

Grandpa had a little cart pulled by a goat named Billy. He shared his fun with his good friends, Rosalie and Shirley.

I like to sit with Grandpa Jim on his front porch step. That’s where he told me his best friends were Buster, and old Shep.

Dad and nick on block

I like all of Grandpa’s stories, but the favorite I would pick, is about his little pony. Grandpa Jim called him Nick.

Dad on pony 4-2

They rode together many miles, Nick and Grandpa Jim. Grandpa wore his hat and fancy chaps his daddy made for him.

Dad, cowboy Jim

He got a brand new lariat the day that he turned ten. Grandpa Jim was a cowboy…even way back then.


Some day when I’m a Grandpa I’ll sit upon the step. I’ll tell my little grandson about Buster and old Shep.

Dad, family ranch

All the stories of long ago, I will tell to him; stories of the ranch in Bruneau, Idaho,

Dad, cowboy Jim man

And my Grandpa….Cowboy Jim.

My dad, Jim Craig, passed away September 9, 2022, from a long battle with ALS. He was born and raised a cowboy on the family ranch in Bruneau, ID. This is a children’s book I wrote for, and about him a few years ago. I am hoping to someday publish it in his memory.



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