My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

I was born and raised on cattle and horse ranches. My Father, Jim Craig is a cowboy as is his brother Bob Craig, and as was their dad Ed Craig. My husband was born and raised on ranches and so was my son and our daughters. I have uncles who were true cowboys, and cousins, and now a days even have some grandsons following that lifestyle.

They are all my heros. But today I am going to talk about the cowboy who raised me. His name is Jim Craig and today is his 95th birthday! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to let pictures tell most of this story.

Dad was born and raised on the family ranch in Bruneau, Idaho.

His childhood was a nurturing ground for his love of horses, cattle, dogs, and all animals.

Dad and Nick
Dad on Nick
Dad on Nick with chaps his father made him
Dad and Clara Bell
Dad with his dad Ed
Jim Craig, Rosalie, & Shirley Hawes
Best friend Shep
Dad, Buster and pet rabbit
Chore time
Jim Craig 10th birthday
Dad fishing with brother Bob at Pole Creek
Jim and 4-H steer
More 4-H
Jim Craig, 15 years old on Pinky
Jim and younger brother Bob
Jim served his country in World War II in Hawaii
Jim in Bruneau, ID
A cowboy’s life is more than riding horses, It’s working and doctoring cows
And branding
And feeding and teaching your kids to love this way of life
And Sorting
My Dad Jim Craig, trained Quarter Horses. This picture was on the Double J Bar N Ranch in California.
Dad showing Dorado Pledge in California
Showing him at halter
Branding at Beartooth Hereford Ranch, Columbus, MT
Such a handsome man, my father!
Taking his grandson, Dustin for a ride on Roany
He always dressed in classic cowboy style
Because that is what he was
And what he always will be!

This has been just a glimpse of a man and the era he lived in. He has blessed me in more ways than I have words for.

He is the best father I could have asked for. He was kind and gentle and funny. He taught me to be honest, giving, and loving. He has helped me to accept whatever surrounding I am in and find the good and beauty around me.

It is because of this man, the way he lives, the way he treated not only me but everyone around him, because of his integrity and love of God’s creation of all kinds….This is why I can say MY HEROS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN COWBOYS!

Happy 95th Birthday Dad!

2 thoughts on “My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

  1. How nice to see you again — and what a terrific photo gallery you’ve put together. Happy birthday to your day, and happy day to you. It’s wonderful that you can still share the day with him!


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