Somebody Did Something

Somebody did something. Yes they did! Eighteen years and this day still overwhelms me. We as a nation vowed we would never forget. I for one never will. Facebook is flooded with posts honoring those who died, and also those who survived that terrible day.  So I know I’m not the only one who has not forgotten.

There are some I fear however who have, or at least have become so sensitive to “political correctness” that they can’t call a spade a spade.  The fear of offending someone has resulted in efforts to change our National Anthem, remove “In God we trust” from our National monuments, buildings, and our money, and on and on.

Our government is allowing elected people to take their oaths on the Koran instead of the Bible, and erase Israel from the map in their office.  Don’t think they don’t plan to “erase” America as we know it also.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not against all middle eastern peoples who happen to belong to the Islam religion.  It is not the people with good hearts I’m talking about. It is the religion itself and the radicals who follow it and its commands to kill all infidels who  won’t submit to their Allah. This is who attacked on Sept. 11.  This is the Somebody who did something! This is what we are Never to forget!


Some People Did Something

“Some people did something.”

That was said for all to hear.

Four little words

Which I heard very clear.

I saw and heard the aftermath.

We’ll never be the same,

People jumping from the towers,

To escape a death by flame.

Their screams, and ours too,

Who watched in disbelief,

Haunt me and always will..

Let our souls have no relief.

For if we forget the evil,

We can’t recognize the good,

Of the bravery and sacrifice

On which 3000 stood.

Heroes arose that day,

And more than just a few.

There were firefighters, medics,

And New York’s finest dressed in Blue

Doctors, nurses, equipment operators,

Pastors, and strangers on the street;

So many doing what they could

So many needs to meet.

Some people did something

Eighteen years ago.

And others answered back

Are you ready guys? LET’S ROLL!

Yes Somebody Did Something…


Sheryl Craig Russell

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