Back in the Day

Otis Wells, Harriet Wells (2)
Granddad Otis Wells & Mom    Harriett Wells Craig

I love going through old pictures. I found this one of my Mother and her Dad.  I’m not sure if this was taken before Mom and Dad were married or not, but it had to be close to that time.  I believe this was taken in Bruneau, ID.

I wish I knew more about it.  I wonder where Granddad was headed with the load of lumber, and what it was to be used for. I wish I could ask them about it but they both left us many years ago. It will be one of the questions I will ask them when we meet again.

Dad used to tell me about one of the first times he ever saw Mom.  He said she was standing on a wagon with her father.  She caught Dad’s eye and he was smitten! He told me he said to himself, “Someday I am going to marry that girl!” And I am sure glad he did!

I wonder if this was the wagon or maybe even that first time he saw her.  It may not be, but I choose to romanticize that it is.  I can see in my mind’s imagination my Mom looking my Dad’s way and their eyes locking.  I can see Dad smiling and giving her a wink, and I  see Mom blushing.

craig wedding
Jim and Harriett Craig wedding day

Theirs was a love story that lasted until Mom died. They were the best parents and I and my sister were so blessed by them both and the example they left us with.

Yep, I choose to believe this is the  wagon that started it all …way back in the day!



4 thoughts on “Back in the Day

  1. We all have those questions, don’t we? I have a heart-shaped locket with photos of my father and mother inside. I have a feeling it might have been a gift from him to her before they were married — but I have no idea. They were young, for sure!


  2. I always love your posts, Sherry! Your mom and dad really did have a special love. So glad I was able to spend time with them all those years ago!!


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