Granddad Ed

Ed Craig

Oh how I love this man! His name is Ed Craig and I was lucky enough to call him my grandfather.

This is such a good picture of him…the classic cowboy! And a classy cowboy is what he really was.  He was born and raised on the family ranch in Bruneau, ID.  He was a stock contractor, supplying rodeo stock for near by rodeos.  He built the rodeo grounds in Bruneau. He roped and steer wrestled, and was a rodeo judge also. He also trained quarter horses for many years.

We lived on the same California horse ranch as Granddad and Grandma Craig for several years.  It was here that I got to know the man I called Granddad as my friend.

He would go fishing with us, riding with us, swimming with us, and dance with us. And let me tell you my Granddad could dance! I was told he won a dance contest in the roaring 20’s.  I wish I could have seen that!  He did teach my sister and I a few steps of the Charleston. He also taught us to polka which was one of his favorites.  He could waltz, two-step, and would even do the twist, jerk, and mash potatoe with us! The following picture is of him dancing with me on his eightieth birthday.

grandad dancing

Granddad loved all types of music and had a pretty good collection of records and tapes.

I can remember sitting in the ranch office in the barn visiting with him.  It was there he taught me to braid reins (wish I could still remember how to do that). He also would go over pedigrees of the horses with me.

Granddad loved life.  He loved his family, his horses, his way of life, his music, and hobbies.  He was very creative. He did a lot of leathercraft, and woodworking.  He loved to garden and even cooked on occasion.

Oh….how I love this man!





9 thoughts on “Granddad Ed

  1. Down here in Texas, we sometimes smile at people who are “all hat, and no cattle.” Clearly, your granddad wasn’t one of those people. There’s something about a cowboy or horseman that always makes me smile: in appreciation, and respect.


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