December Blessings

IMG_0658Forty three years ago today this sweet little girl entered our life.  She has been a constant blessing to us ever since.  She was always cute as a button…still is.  She always had a loving heart…still does.  She always had a mind of her own…still does. She always lit up the room with her sparkling eyes of laughter and that bubbly smile and spirit…still does!

Holly is a self-proclaimed “NOT girly girl”! When she was little I would put her up in a pretty little dress and she would insist on wearing her cowboy boots and sometimes her jeans with it.  She was determined she could do anything her older brother and Daddy could do.

That trait carried over to her adult life. She worked alongside her Daddy and her now husband as a wildland firefighter. She was a certified engine boss and my husband said she was one of the best crew members he ever had.


The first picture is Holly working the water hose on the engine with her dad.  The second picture is Holly and her now husband Travis on a fire line break.

Although she may not be the typical girly girl, Holly is a very , beautiful, feminine and loving wife and mother.

Holly family1

Happy birthday to our curly-haired little girl named Holly…..IMG_0650_Moment(8)

..and her curly haired little girl Mikaylee Belle who turned two yesterday! December blessings that last all year-long!  Love you both, Mom.

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