Days of Thanksgiving…Day 13

IMG_0817 (2)
Bob Campbell

Today is my brother-in-law’s birthday. He is married to my only sibling, Pat.  Bob is a goofy, and somewhat daredevil sort of guy.  He likes practical jokes, motorcycles, boats, “jeeping”, which means in his case, driving a jeep in the desert over rocks and tight spots that doesn’t look anything like fun to me!

When I was fresh out of nursing school I went to live with Bob and Pat for almost a year. He was gracious enough to let me share their home and always made me feel like part of the family.

We used to go to the mall, lots of time just to window shop.  His favorite practical joke on me (along with my loving sis), was when we were walking back to the car.  We would get almost to the car and they would take off running, get in the car, drive off and leave me standing in the parking lot by myself. Of course they just went around the corner and watched me for a couple of minutes and then came and picked me up.  We would all be laughing hysterically.  That was funny the first time, amusing the second time, and came with a theat that I would get even with him the third.

That came a couple of weeks later when again we went shopping. Pat and I were walking in front of him with the kids in the stroller.  Every time we walked past a few people, I would lean over to Pat and say in a whisper, but loud enough for people to hear, “He is still following us, what should we do?”  When there was a pretty good group of people we were walking by, I repeated  the line to Pat, and then stopped, turned around to him, and said very loudly, “What is the matter with you?  Quit following us!!”  He was so embarrassed that he turned around and left. He didn’t catch up with us until we were half way across the store!

It was my turn to laugh hysterically.  He was a good sport and said “that one was a good one, Sherry.” ….. That also was the last time he left me in the parking lot.

Today I am thankful for Bob.

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