Today is our son’s birthday.  He is 45.  I don’t know how that happened so quickly.  He is a grown man with a family of his own.  Two of his children are grown and on their own. The other two will be a freshman and junior in high school this coming fall.

I have watched them all grow. It seemed to be a gradual sort of thing at the time.  But now….our son is 45!  And it seems that happened overnight!

In the picture above he was about a year old.  He was such a blessing to us!  He made my husband and I a family.  His name is Dustin, but back then we called him Dusty.  What a bubbly, mischievous little guy he was!  Come to think of it…he still is!

Today I am looking back on your journey of youth, Dusty.  I am looking back to your first day of school, and how torn I was to turn you over to “the world” where I could not watch over you every second. Your toothless little smile was filled with excitement.  Mine was filled with pride, hope, and fear.


I am remembering your first bike, your first pony, and your first 4-H year.  Blacky (your ewe) was with you almost through high school.  She moved with us from Nevada to Montana.


4-H was a big part of your youth and one of the highlights was winning Reserve Champion with your steer! The Elko County 4-H Fair….what wonderful memories were made there!

IMG_1330 (2)

High school days flew by so fast.  I remember all the basketball, football, FFA activities, and band concerts.


Your life was filled with so many activities, and ours was filled with you and your sisters.


Your graduation day was even more emotional for me than your first day of school.  I woke up to tears and they flowed all day long.  The thought of you leaving home and not being part of my day-to-day life panicked me.  But I survived…your Dad survived.

High school passed, college passed, youth passed.

Now you have a family of your own.  And what a wonderful family it is!

I hope today brings you laughter and love, and is full of warm memories.  I hope your new family adventure brings lots of sunny days, happiness, and dreams that come true for you all.  Happy birthday son!!

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