Good Times

sled hill
Sister Pat, me, and Duke at Fairfield, Id

Good times… their memories are what give you joy at the present, soften the hard times, and lighten the load of ageing with a smile.

We called it the sled hill.  It gave us hours and hours of good times.  Duke, our dog, is not yet at the top of the hill in this picture.  Our sled run was from the top of the hill down to the road.  The down hill flight was filled with laughs.  It was one of our greatest childhood thrills!  Duke would run after us on the way down, and lead the way back to the top with a wagging tail.  He loved it too.

My sister and I shared a lot of good times throughout the years.  She was my first true friend, and she is still close to my heart.  Pat is not just my sister, she is part of me.   We share most of the same childhood memories.  Most of my good times were also her good times.  We played games, rode horses, listened to records, and danced in the living room.  We had a few disagreements like most siblings, but very few.

After we got married, distance separated us physically.  We haven’t been able to spend as much time together over the years as we would like.  We may not be able to share our day over a cup of coffee.  But we do share our day occasionally over the phone, and special moments with the help of Facebook.

And we always will share our childhood memories.

Good times!  May your heart and life be full of them!  Happy birthday Sis!






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