Love Handed Down

IMG_0057 (1)
My Grandmother, Lillie Belle Wells

This is the story of love handed down.  It is the story of a ruby ring surrounded by pearls that belonged to my Grandmother, Lillie Belle Wells.  The story was never really clear from where, or from who she aquired the ring, but it is beautiful.

My Mom, Harriett Belle Wells Craig 1948

It was handed down to my mother, Harriett Belle Craig.  I remember Mom wearing it from time to time.  She always looked at it with affection in her eyes.  Not with affection for the ring, but for who it once belonged to.

sherry western ag
Me, Sheryl Craig Russell

That ring was next handed down to me.  I have had it for several years.  I have worn it on occasion but not alot.  It was missing three pearls, and I was told all of the prongs were loose. I was always afraid I would lose more stones.  There is just something so special about that ring.  Whenever I wear it, I feel the presence of my mother and my grandmother both.  I feel their warmth.  I see their sweet smiles.  I feel their love pouring into me.

I recently had that old ring repaired.  I replaced the missing pearls, and had the prongs built up, and the ring cleaned.  It hardly looks like the same ring….but it is.

My daughter, Holly Russell Hansen

This Christmas I am handing this ring of love down to you,  Holly.  I lent it to you on your wedding day, and told you some day when I got it fixed, it would be yours.  Merry Christmas sweet daughter of mine!

Granddaughter          Mikaylee Belle Hansen

I have only two requests with this ring.  One, whenever you wear it, feel my presence, and my love, along with your grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s who wore it before you.  Second, when she is old enough to truly appreciate every thing it stands for, and all the love that is being transfered to her, I ask that you hand it down to your daughter, Mikaylee Belle.

Lillie’s Ruby Ring…love handed down



2 thoughts on “Love Handed Down

  1. The most wonderful part of your story? That you have someone to hand down such a special ring to. I have my great-great-grandmother’s opal ring, and not a single relative to give it to. Being the “end of the line” in a family is a strange situation in many ways! But I do love this story, Sheryl.


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