My Uncle Bob

img_0845 (2)
Bob Craig, Bruneau, ID

Today is my Uncle Bob’s 81st birthday.  This picture was taken in his rodeo days.  I am not sure how old he was in this photo, but he started to rodeo in his teens.  I am not positive, but I think he is wearing one the many rodeo buckles he won.  I also believe he is wearing a belt that his dad, my grandfather, made him.

I love this picture of Uncle Bob.  He looks like the classic cowboy doesn’t he?  He’s got his dress white shirt tucked into his going to town blue jeans and those jeans tucked into his fancy top boots!

My uncle not only looks like the classic rodeo cowboy, he is.  He rode bulls, saddle broncs and bareback.   A few years back he was inducted into the Legends of Rodeo Hall of Fame.

But to me he was always just a fun-loving prankster.  He hasn’t changed one bit, he still is.  My girls appear to have inherited some of his shenanigans.  They have an ongoing challenge to outdo him.  I think he might have met his match with them.

A lot of people look up to Bob Craig for his rodeo achievements.

I’m not saying  that I am not impressed by his achievements in the Rodeo circle,  but that is not the reason I look up to him.  I look up to him because he has always been a kid at heart.  He has never forgotten how to laugh, love, and live life in the moment.  He doesn’t expect anything special from me.  He just loves me as I am.  And that spirit of his is why I love him back!  Happy birthday Uncle Bob!

20160508_102621 (2)
Bob on Tootsie (My sister’s pony)  Always the kid!

4 thoughts on “My Uncle Bob

  1. What an interesting family you have, and what a nice tribute. I did some snooping around and I suspect that the Bob Craig mentioned in this article might be your Uncle Bob. It’s such fun to get these peeks into a lifestyle that’s appealing, but very different from my own.

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