Amazing Firefighters!

IMG_0781 (2)
Pinecrest Fire, Columbus,MT 7-30-2017

My husband Mike used to own a contract wildland fire fighting company called Castle Creek Fire.  He had an engine and a water tender and used to work on fires like this one.  My daughter and now son-in-law worked along side of him.

The work is dangerous, hard, both physically and mentally, and sometimes, greatly under appreciated.

However, they all loved it.  They loved the adrenaline rush, and they loved being able to save property and lives, sometimes at the risk of their own.

Me, I loved it when they came home safe.

Firefighters are a special breed of people.  They run into fires when human instinct (definitely mine) is to run from them.

Most people who have ever had fire threaten their homes and community and see up close what firefighters do and what they go through, gain a sense love and appreciation for their selfless acts of courage.

I know from personal experience when the Derby fire burned part of  our ranch, and many in our community lost homes and structures, what a God send they were.  I don’t know what we all would have done without them.  My husband, both sons-in-laws, daughter, and many friends and neighbors were part of that crew.

My husband and daughter no longer fight fire, for which I’m thankful.  I do still have two sons-in-laws still active on local rural fire departments.

In fact, Travis, who worked with my husband and daughter is an EMT and Battalion Chief on the Columbus Fire Dept, and is one of the firefighters on this fire.

We were out for a Sunday drive and stopped and took pictures of some of the fire.  It was started next to the freeway and quickly crested the hill and is threatening homes in that area.  I know they issued an evacuation notice yesterday and am praying it is now under control.

Mike was able to get some amazing photos of jet retardant planes dropping retardant to make an effective fire line.  He also got some good shots of helicopters making water drops on hot spots.  It was pretty amazing to watch.

Hope you enjoy watching their expertise!


Lead plane leading jet in for retardant drop

IMG_0812 (3)

Jet retardant plane

Helicopter making water drop
Son-in-law Travis, with his family



One thought on “Amazing Firefighters!

  1. What a wonderful entry, Sheryl. A few years ago, during a period of serious drought, there were extensive fires here in Texas, and we had our own opportunity to see the bravery and commitment of the firefighters. It surely adds an extra layer of anxiety — even fear, I suppose — when those firefighters are part of your family.

    Here’s a video of planes picking up water from Austin’s Lake Travis during the Bastrop fire. You can hear the amazement in the voices of the people recording it — they’re clearly “just folks.” You can see how far down the water level in the lake is, too. It was a bad time — so bad that people still will say, during a rainy period, “Well, it’s better than that drought.”

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