Look A-Likes


I love looking through old pictures.  My sister and I don’t really look-alike physically.  We are three years apart.  Our facial features are different, our personalities are different.  Our body types are different.  Even as children, she was taller and more slender and I was short and stocky!  Unfortunately (for me) it is the same today.

When I started going through pictures of our young years, it occurred to me that our Mother secretly wanted twins!  I am only sharing a couple here, but there are ALOT of pictures of us wearing the same outfits.

I didn’t remember us dressing alike so much until the pictures reminded me.  When I think back now, I can remember more alike outfits than we have pictures for!

At first I thought that this was odd.  When I was talking to my Sis, she laughed and said , “I don’t think Mom really wanted twins!  If you remember, she ordered most of our clothes out of Sears and Penney’s catalogues!”

Apparently we either always wanted the same outfit, or they were cheaper by “two’s!”

Anyway, I love that I looked “a little” like my big sister!


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