My Dad, My Hero

My Dad, Jim Craig

It is Father’s Day.  I know I’ve said it before, but I mean it.  My Dad is my hero.

He gave me the best life.  He taught me right from wrong.  He taught me to love nature, horses, and all animals, small and great.  He taught me by example how to respect all people.  He taught me how to respect myself.

Dad was always present in my life.  He still is.  Even though we live hundreds of miles apart he keeps in touch almost every day.  He is my encourager, and my comforter.  He is the root of at least half of my childhood memories (Mom being the other 1/2) and they were almost  all good ones.

Even when the memories were not good ones, he was beside me and made them some of my most precious ones.  I remember once we were playing hide and seek in the hay loft.  There was a small door that led from the loft to the ceiling of the ranch shop connected to the barn.  Dad told us many times to NEVER go in there.  It was not safe.  Like many kids, I did not always think my Dad’s warnings were all that big of a deal.

I hid in that room and ended up falling through the ceiling.  When I fell, my arms flew out to my side and I caught the support beams under my armpits.  I was hanging there, looking at the cement floor and large anvil below me.  I was scared to death, mostly of the licking Dad was going to give me.  I knew I was in for it!  My sister helped me up by telling me to walk up the nail and bolt bins attached to the wall.  When I was safe again in the loft, I waited with dread, while Pat went and got Dad.  To my amazement, I only remember him holding me and asking if I was alright.  I think he asked me if I learned my lesson, but there was no punishment, just the loving arms I so needed!

Dad was, is, and always will be my friend and biggest hero.  I love you Dad.




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