Family Traits

Odessa and Ed Craig with sons, Jim and Bob

Family traits are odd things when you think about them.  I used to think family traits were things that were passed down from generation to generation because of the time spent together, and learned behaviors.  I still believe that is a large part of it.  However, I have learned of people who were adopted at birth or separated since early childhood and then re-connected with family members to discover they had many of the same habits, likes, dislikes, and well…family traits.

The picture above is of my grandparents, my dad, and my uncle.  I love this picture of the people I love so much.  They have given me so many wonderful memories.  They provided the values and lifestyle I grew up with and into. They have handed down family traditions, family work ethics, their sense of humor, and many of their family traits.

If you look at that picture you will notice one of the traits that have passed through the generations.  Everyone of them is standing with their hands in their pockets. That is something I do most of the time.  I have also noticed my kids and grandkids often standing the same way.

Family traditions, and family traits.  Thank you Craig family for the ones you’ve given me.


2 thoughts on “Family Traits

  1. Here’s a related story. When I started varnishing boats, at age 40 or so, my mother was aghast. She couldn’t understand why I’d not choose to put my education to work, and so on and so forth.

    After many, many years — in fact, only a few years before she died — I found out something I never had known. My grandfather, her father, had varnished woodwork in homes when she was a child. She worked with him. She sanded, he varnished. In her mind, my beginning to varnish was going backwards, back into a life she’d tried so hard to escape.

    The funny thing? I’m really quite good at it. They do say that some talents skip generations. Maybe it’s so.

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