A Winter Wonderland

1-18-2016 016

Look at that picture.  Isn’t that beautiful?  Yes, yes it is!  It is a winter wonderland.  Mountains plastered with snow for all those who love to ski, are just waiting for you.  Everything you see is blanketed with the purest, sparkling, white fluff.  Trees couldn’t look prettier. Rivers are accented with snow-covered rocks and ice, filling you with pure awe at their beauty. Kids with rosy cheeks are bundled up, sledding down slopes, building snowmen and forts.  The world looks like a Norman Rockwell Christmas card.

The air in that picture is so chilly, no, downright cold, that you can feel it in the picture. Have you ever taken a deep breath in that kind of weather and had your nostrils freeze shut?  If you are lucky enough to wear glasses, like me,  two minutes in that air, and your frames are so cold they freeze your sinus cavities and give you an instant headache.  Even bundled up like an Eskimo, my fingers and feet turn numb in minutes, my nose turns redder than Rudolph’s, and my teeth start chattering.  I quiver so bad people must think I am having some kind of convulsions!

The streets and roads become skating rinks for cars.  Sidewalks provide plenty of material for pedestrians to fill a year’s worth of content for”America’s Funniest Videos.”

I’ve seen my Dad and husband come in from feeding and doctoring cattle with icicles hanging off eyebrows, beards, and mustaches.

Yes, it is a beautiful Winter Wonderland.  It is God’s plan to let nature rest, store up some snow pack on the mountains to fill summer rivers and creeks, to give us moisture we will need for spring and summer down the road.  It is pretty, that fluffy, white stuff, that’s a fact.

That being said, I’m flat tired of winter wonderland!  I am tired of being cold.  Maybe if I had a fireplace to snuggle up to, which I don’t, ….no, not even that.  I am ready to skip Spring and go straight to summer.  Forget these snow banks, and give me green grass.  Forget parka coats and snow boots.  Give me t-shirts and flip-flops!!

Winter Wonderland?  I just wonder…will it EVER end?

3 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland

  1. I can’t help laughing. Here on the Texas Gulf Coast, we’re asking, “Will it EVER begin?” We’ve had just two mornings below freezing, and 28F isn’t exactly the depths of winter. We did have heavy,heavy fog this past weekend, which looked a bit like snow under the street lights, but when it’s 60F, it takes a bit of imagining to see snow.

    You sound like we do in the depths of summer, when it’s been 95F with high humidity for days on end. It’s not just snow that causes cabin fever. Being stuck in air conditioning during a Gulf summer does, too.

    But I do understand. I’ve known the beauty of Iowa winters, but I’ve also known the frozen door locks, the window-blocking drifts, the awful spring mud… Perfection’s hard to find, isn’t it?!

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  2. Perfection is hard to find. I love all seasons, really, but my body doesn’t like the cold. We’ve had about a foot of snow for it seems like forever, -5 to-10 below at night for a couple weeks or more, and -5 to the teens for daytime highs. Today we actually got up to 30 above and it feels wonderful! Want to trade places for a month or two?


  3. No way would I want to come back to MT in the winter. And after last fall, not sure about then either! But I enjoyed my share of winters there and being out in the cold and snow.. Now I am able to enjoy shoveling sunshine instead of snow. I wish you could enjoy your winters in a more favorable climate. Really helps the Fibromyalgia. Stay warm my friend.

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