Anniversary Blessings


“That couple, their marriage is such an inspiration to me.”  Most of the time when I say or think that, I’m referring to someone older than me, whose lives have guided me, and shaped my life and decisions I’ve made in my own life and marriage.

My parents come to my mind, my grandparents, several aunts and uncles, some of my husbands’ family, and some very dear friends.

However, the couple I’m talking about today is my daughter Mindy, and her husband Brian.  They truly are an inspiration to me.  There are a lot of things about their marriage that remind me of my own.  They truly love each other, they are best friends, they live the same “ranch” lifestyle that we did.

But they have set an example on marriage and raising a family, that I wish I could have set for my children.

Early in their marriage they accepted Christ and He has been the foundation of their marriage and family.  They have raised their children in the church.  Because of that, their children all know the love of Jesus.  They know His word.  They read the Bible together as a family.  You can see the influence, the guidance, and love of Jesus in the lives of their three boys.  They are so polite and well-mannered.  They are considerate, compassionate, helpful, and loving young men.

Mindy and Brian would do anything for you.  They kept us in wood for more than a few winters.  They helped us if we needed help on the ranch.  They have helped us in our transition to city living.  They are there in times of crisis, or time of joy.  It is not just us they are there for.  I’ve seen the same selfless help and giving for neighbors, friends, and strangers.

They give their time to charity auctions for those in need.  They as a family, buy presents at Christmas for children who are not going to have much.

I am so proud of you Mindy and Brian. You bring me such joy, peace, and hope.  I know that because of you, my grandchildren will carry on the example you have provided for them.  Their children will have a better life because of the foundation you have set for your boys.

May God continue to guide you, and may He pour blessings on this, your anniversary!









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