Never Forget!

Like most people, I can remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing when I first saw that first plane hit the first tower.

Disbelief, shock, fear, anger, helplessness, compassion… all those things that consumed my very being, overtake me every time I see those images again.  Fifteen years and those pictures still leave me feeling shattered.  I can not begin to imagine what they do to the survivors, and the loved ones of those who were murdered, and those who gave their lives for their fellow-men and women.

Our country is so divided right now.  I guess election year politics will always do that to some degree.  But I feel this is so much more than that.  It seems to me that tolerance, and political correctness, have taken the place of old-fashioned reason and common sense.

We are still in the middle of a war on terror.  Radical Islamists have told us they are going to continue attacking us and they plan on doing that “from within.” They have told us they will be coming in with the refugees our country is bringing in by the thousands.  Why are we not only allowing this, but so many cheering this flood of danger through our borders?

It has been fifteen years, so maybe some have forgotten, or have become desensitized by so many smaller attacks; I just don’t know.

I remember.  I will never forget.  I hope you remember also.  Feel free to share if you do!

Never Forget!

 Towers, planes, smoke, and ash

visions burned deep in my mind,

our Pentagon, Flight 93,

fear and faith became intertwined.

Hearts of rage, minds taught to hate,

cowards of evil design

failed to destroy the US of A,

that’s founded on His word divine.

Policemen, firemen, service men, medics,

ordinary men who just cared,

risked their own lives to help those in need

with emotions and hearts torn and bared.

Fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives,

children and loved ones distraught,

Pain felt by us all as we witnessed the day,

and the images that still can haunt.

Heroes, and faith, and stories of hope,

of goodness, and selfless love,

of sacrifice, the eternal kind,

and miraculous help from above.

Remember the picture of men with a flag,

amid the rubble now called Ground Zero.

Never forget the evil of hate,

the sacrifice, love and each hero.

Sheryl Craig Russell

4 thoughts on “Never Forget!

  1. This is a beautiful post. I saved some posts about the terrible events to read during this week. We tend now, I think, to set aside the day, and then forget again. While I don’t advise obsessing over such things, we do need to be mindful of them throughout the year. Thank you for your post, and your lovely words.


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