America The Beautiful

We had the privilege today to worship God in our favorite little country church in Nye, Montana.

Being that it is the Fourth of July weekend, just before our meet and greet your neighbor, our pastor led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The morning music worship was all old patriotic songs, like America The Beautiful, and The Battle Hymn of The Republic.

Pastor Paul always has a way of helping me see how old Bible stories are applicable to my present life .  It was a great sermon, as always.

That being said, what I left church with this morning is how far our country, our nation, has drifted from God just since I was a child.

We always started the school day with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Now so many schools consider it “offensive” to some, so they are banning it.  There are schools across our nation who refuse to let students sing Christmas carols that have any mention of Jesus.  Prayers are not allowed at graduation ceremonies, let alone at the start of the school day.

When I was in grade school we sang America The Beautiful in our music class.  Singing it this morning in church, I wonder how many school children across our nation have ever sang that great song.  It is a patriotic song about our country; a nation that boldly thanks God for the beauty he created for us, that asks God to shed His grace on us. It asks us to remember those who fought for our liberty, who loved it more than life itself. It asks God to heal our every flaw.

My hope is that you all google “America The Beautiful”.  Read the lyrics. Sing it to your children.  Take pride in our country, our flag, our God.  Ask Him once again to shed His grace on us, heal our every flaw, ( we have many) and to crown our good, with brotherhood, from sea, to shining sea!



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