Let Her Fly!

Let her fly!

It is just a flag, right?  It’s just a piece of cloth with red and white stripes, a blue rectangle, and some stars.  Why do so many people in the United States get upset when they see people burning a piece of cloth, stepping on it, spitting on it?  Why do they feel offended when they see people refusing to stand up and show respect for it when the National Anthem is played?

After all, we wipe our dirty faces with a piece of cloth.  We wipe our dirty shoes on rag rugs made out of strips of old cloth.  What is the big deal?

The big deal is what that flag stands for!  It stands for America, home of the brave, and land of the free!

Were we always home of the brave?  Yes. Land of the free?  No.  We started out as thirteen colonies under British Rule.  Thirteen colonies fought for independence from the powerful nation of Britain.  They wanted a nation free from the rule of an earthly king.  They fought for a nation to be founded on the principles of the King Of Heaven.  They wanted a nation where they could have the freedom to protect themselves, govern themselves, and worship God in accordance with their conscience.

Many men…and women, have suffered and died over the years to give us that flag.  They continue to fight, suffer, and die for our right to live a life with the freedoms it represents.

Yes, as a proud American, I get upset when I see people dishonoring our flag.  I do get offended when I see people refusing to stand and show it respect when the National Anthem is played.  And I feel more than offended; I feel angered, and ashamed when I watch a video of our First Lady, whispering to the President, as they are standing at the playing of the Anthem and saying, “All of this fuss for a flag!

Yes, all of this fuss for this flag!  All of this respect, all of this honor, all of this glory, for a piece of cloth which represents this great country of ours!  I say ….. “LET HER FLY!”

Old Glory

Thirteen stripes unfurl before me,

thirteen colonies for which they stand,

fought to give us independence,

and thus founded this great land.

Red is for her valor,

White for hope and purity,

Blue is for God’s heaven,

justice, truth, sincerity.

The star, for aspirations,

one for each and every state,

join together as a nation,

yet can govern their own fate.

Men have died to give me freedom.

Let me hold their memory high.

Let me feel their pride and honor,

every time Old Glory flies!

Sheryl Craig Russell

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