Wells of Loving Memories

Wells family picture
Back row: Chet Dipp, Kenny Dipp, Bill Dipp Front row: Mae Wells (Medlock) Lillie Lanning Dipp Wells, Otis Wells holding Leah Wells (Colyer) In front of Lillie is Nellie Wells (Duffield) and my mom, Harriett Wells (Craig) Missing from this picture because he was not yet born is Eldred Wells


I looked up the definition of well in the dictionary.  Well: a place where water issues from the earth; an abundant source; a source from which something may be drawn as needed.

What a beautiful and accurate description of this family called Wells.  Lillie Lanning Dipp married Otis Wells a year or two after her first husband suffered a tragic death. I never knew much about her first marriage, except from it came three wonderful men who I was lucky enough to know, love, and call uncles.

This is a picture of a family that you can tell was not rich in the material things of this world.  But don’t let that fool you. These were some of the richest people this world has ever known.  They were not greedy.  They shared their riches with all their family and friends.

John 4:13 says “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.  Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.”

This family, the Wells family, was rich in love; love of God, family, and their fellow-man.  Every person in this picture had their own trials and tribulations in this life, but they never became bitter.  Their hearts were good, kind, and giving.  They were happy and grateful in-spite of life’s struggles.

I believe that is because of the hearts of Lillie and Otis, my grandparents.  They gave their hearts to Jesus.  They guarded their hearts, and their hearts indeed were the wellspring of life our family all have drunk from.

They were our well; the well where the waters of Christ’s love issued from our earth.  They were our abundant source, the source we could always draw from in our times of need.

They were always there for us.  They were caring and compassionate.  They were encouraging, and good-natured.  They were Christians.  They showed me who Christ was, not by preaching to me, and telling me all the things in my life I was doing wrong  (and believe me there has been lots of wrong) but by the way they lived their day-to-day lives.

That well of love overflowed to their children; my mom, and my aunts and uncles.  It has also overflowed to their grandchildren, and their descendants.

Everyone in this picture, except my Aunt Leah (the baby) and my Uncle Eldred, who was not yet born, are no longer with us on this earth.

Even though they are gone, they have left us all, even great, great grand-kids they have never yet met, such a legacy of love and faith. They have left us with Wells of loving memories!



Back row: Kenny Dipp, Chet Dipp, Leah Colyer, Nellie Duffield, Eldred Wells, Bill Dipp Front Row: Mae Medlock, Lillie Wells, Otis Wells, Harriett Craig











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